Masculine Archetypes

4 Masculine Archetypes

(from the lower right)
Rebirth – Lover – The Source – Warrior – The Golden Lady – King – The Silent Lady – Magician – Transformation.



King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.

The 4 masculine archetypes each with its two shadows, derived from the work of Jungian analysts Robert L. Moore and Douglas Gillette in the book “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover”.
The development of the “subarchetypes”, four tendencies of each main archetype, was done in cooperation with Mr Shereef Bishay, who comissioned the original work.



High quality Art prints and posters

A website dedicated to this map, updated regularly (currently still under construction).

The elements

Emerging from a circular window, each of the four central figures represents the balanced co-existence of two complementary qualities.

Each of the two shadows on the lower half of the circle, has access to only one of the two qualities, lacking the other. This is where an unbalanced situation is created, self-destructive and harmful to others.

Around the main circles, the smaller figures are stages between the 4 main archetypes. Finally, the image is completed by the environment, animals, plants and the four elements.

This image was originally intended for two teenage boys. The main characters are the male archetypes, portrayed by men. However, the feminine aspect is also personified and portrayed by female figures, as well as an asexual state. 

The total duration of the work was more than 14 months, and the image went through many fundamental transformations, until all the correct elements were found and in place.

Using the map

I believe this can be useful to any age or gender. Like a map, it illustrates different aspects of life, portrayed by the elements of the picture. 
Some ideas for use, apart from decoration:

  • Play a game with a partner
    Take your favorite figure and try to guess what would happen if that figure was missing. Do it for other figures too.
    I.e. What would happen in that world if the golden lady was missing? Who and what is she for you?
    What if the King is absent?
    What if the warrior lacks sensitivity?
  • Use it as an actual map to keep track of life’s different aspects. 
  • Use it as a tool  for reflection
  • Kick-start a great conversation
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