The History of our World podcast

Ancient kings, slaves, stone-age tribes, pharaohs, worshipers, traitors, heroes, gods…beware! The history podcast deals with everything based on facts – the best that can be found anyway – and in a fast-paced, satyrical frenzy that hooks the listener and takes them to a wild race through time and space.

The man behind the microphone is mr. Rob Monaco, and he does a really good job in bringing history alive. Here is a link to his page featuring the episodes along with additional bibliography, ancient music and even links to ancient recipies! I wish him good luck in this great and ambitious project.

As an illustrator, I am always on the look for something interesting to listen to. When silence is too…distracting, audiobooks and music will do the trick. So, being a person fascinated with history, legend and folklore I was pleasantly surprised when I found his podcast series a few days ago. At some point, while listening to the episodes about the Jewish patriarchs, an image popped in my mind with the speaker talking while chasing the terrified caricatures of the ancient world.

Well, here it is:


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